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Arc Flash relays

AQ 100 series

AQ 100 series offers a complete solution to arcflash protection. The AQ 100 is designed utilizing the most modern technology with a focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. It is built to meet the growing demands in both LV and MV switchgear and controlgear applications ranging from basic stand-alone to more complex system solutions.


AQ 200 series

The AQ 200 series provides optimal performance in any distribution protection and control application as well as tansmission back-up protection and control application. The AQ 200 series integrates protection, control, monitoring, measuring, communication and extensive diagnostics information in a one compact package. The AQ 200 is developed using the latest available technologies providing a totally new dimension and options to protection and control engineers.


AQ 100 series

AQ 300 relay series integrates a powerful and modern design along with decades of proven relay protection history. AQ 300 provides a long term technology solution for medium-voltage feeder protection and high-voltage line, busbar and transformer protection. AQ 300 series comes with a wide range of protection functions and additional features. The scalability in number of functions and I/O makes it an excellent candidate for any high performance relaying application.